First thoughts from the beer blog! / by Oliver Bainbridge

Welcome to my Beer Blog! On here I will be giving information on the beers being sold in the Grapevine, pubs I have been to and beers drunk as well as my opinion on new beers as they come on the market.  At the Grapevine this week we will be enjoying some Yeovil Ales.  Some of their beers will be well know to you such as Star Gazer and other less well known such as Stout Hearted, all though from my experience are well made and classic of their style.  On the bar at the moment we have a great beer from Hunters brewery called Man Flu unlike a lot of beers with catchy names this one really delivers on flavour.  Beer drinkers will enjoy its malty warmth and true to Hunters brews it has a light hoppy finish, a very smooth for a beer that is 5.5%abv.

This week I had the pleasure of going to Bristol for a few beers and it didn't disappoint.  Starting on Kings st, now the home of the cities craft beer pubs we ambled into the Naval Volunteer.  An old pub that has not benefitted from numerous re-firbs it has had thrown at it, although the latest incarnation is the least offensive.  With a huge variety of English craft beers from such brewers as Beer'd, Williams, Red church to name only few.  I settled on a bottle of Port Brews "Mongo".  This was a massive hoppy brew with high fruity notes of apricot and flowers, this beer is both complex and yet very quaffable.  At £10.95 per bottle the price makes the pulse race a little but it was fantastic and well worth a try if you can find it.  Next was off to the Seven Stars over the Bristol bridge of Victoria St.  A great little pub full of some great real ale, winning the CAMRA pub of the year several times over the last few years.  I had a pint of Severn Sins from Severn Vale Brewery and my brother had an Old Slug from RCH brewery all served perfectly and these great beers were the perfect antidote to the big hoppy beer drunk previously.  Next stop was the Cornubia, tucked away in the industrial area behind the fire station on Victoria Rd it is a real gem and although the beer offer was a bit limited but it was a very warm and friendly pub.   

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